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Meet Our Team



Support campaigns/movement by mobilising resources needed.


Organizing & Mobilisation

Identify environmental issues and create space for people to participate by developing campaigns.


Learning & Training

Support campaigns by curating resources for organisers and supporters. 


Digital Engagement

Support campaigns by keeping supporters and the general public informed. 



Newsletter Team

Nyamat is a Graphic Designer and a part of YFC's Newsletter team, where they are responsible for designing the monthly edition. Although still in the early stages of their climate journey, they are driven to educate themselves about environmental issues and actively contribute to the cause.

As a queer artist, Nyamat is committed to utilizing art and knowledge as powerful tools to uplift and advocate, as they believe existence itself is political. They describe themselves as a "hobby hoarder", trying their hands at anything and everything.


Gauri Singh

Newsletter Team

Gauri Singh is a first year Journalism and Mass Communication student at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. She is a Core Team member in Youth For Climate India and is presently heading YFCI's official newsletter: The Climate HotchPotch.

The complexities and intersections of the many layers of our society have always driven Gauri to learn as much as she can about the world. Consequentially, she developed an avid interest in politics, global affairs, and social justice movements. In an informal capacity, she tries to engage in conversations and discourses over issues of gender-based inequities and incline her academic projects in the same direction.



Library Team

Deepti is a Law student and a volunteer at Youth for Climate India. She is keen on learning the various social, cultural and political impacts of Climate change and passionate about the causes of it.
She believes that community action is essential and important to fight climate change.
She likes music, theatre and going on walks.


Aakansha Jadon

Digital Engagement Team

Aakansha is an environment conscious parent based in Moradabad and a core team member at Youth For Climate India where she is responsible for getting aid in organising campaigns, events and connectivity among various organisations working for Climate Justice.

She is a concerned parent and focused on creating a clean planet for future generations as she believes everyone deserves a better planet as we don’t own it.



Development Team

Nikhil is a development practitioner working around energy poverty and sustainable livelihoods with the SELCO Foundation as a research analyst. He is keen to study the impacts of climate change, marginalization and socio/political/ecological economy. He has worked with communities in various geographies including North Karnataka, Meghalaya and National Capital Region. He has been volunteering with Youth For Climate India since 2020 and is currently a part of the fundraising team.

Nikhil likes to travel and explore new communities, cultures, food, terrains and ecology. He is also interested in documentary photography.


Himanshu Medak

Newsletter Team

Himanshu Medak is a first year undergrad student living in New Delhi and a writer for YFC's Newsletter section 'Intersections in the Climate Movement'.

An avid reader and self proclaimed culture vulture he's particularly interested in youth climate advocacy, social justice and folk culture and literature. He enjoys trying out new foods, experimenting with flavours plus is always on the lookout for underrated eats in the city.


Anshul Patel

Newsletter & Development Team

Anshul (they/them) is an undergraduate student of Zoology at Delhi University. They currently edit for YFC's newsletter - The Climate Hotchpotch and are also a part of the Fundraising team.
They actively advocate for the importance of biodiversity & conservation in mitigating the climate crisis and have a keen interest in exploring intersections between various social, economic and environmental justice movements which is equally reflected in their works. They are also an active part of the movement for queer liberation.

They enjoy reading queer, fantasy and mythology books and comics, hiking, baking and love to explore fashion in all its forms.


Addhaya Anil

Library & Newsletter Team

Addhaya Anil is a queer feminist artist and storyteller. Their journey in the climate movement began at Youth For Climate India, where they are a part of the Library and Newsletter team.

Driven by a hunger for knowledge, they are committed to educating not only themselves but also those around them. Essentially a poet, their work revolves around the themes of queerness, climate crisis, love and its absence.

When not reading, they can be found immersed in learning their "current favorite hobby."


Yashna Dhuria

Digital Engagement Team

Yashna Dhuria is an Artist and a Storyteller. An undergraduate Journalist from Lady Shri Ram College Delhi University. One of the 10 candidates of Climate Speaker Fund Grant from the world representing India.

She has worked with Youth for Climate India for more than 2.5 years and is a Core team member. She is pursuing her Master's in International Relations at Ritsumeikan Asian Pacific University Japan. Also has worked on Urban Farming issue in Delhi with People's Resource Centre.


Vijay Sehrawat

Communications Team

Vijay is a documentary filmmaker based out of Delhi and a core team member at Youth For Climate India where he is responsible for improving intra team coordination. He's passionate about community power, developing the leadership of young people and building movements that can win.

In the past four years, he has travelled to Uttrakhand, Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Punjab to document different stories of environmental justice. He enjoys listening to folk music and walking in forests.


Arshita Jain

Newsletter Team

Arshita is a currently studying at law school and is a team member at Youth For Climate India. She considers environment as a very challenging issue and belives in spreading word about it to as many as possible people.She is also a writer for newsletter edition of YFC and writes for ‘in the news’ section.

Debating and organising events is her main forte but would be usually found exploring and trying out new things.


Aryan Sapra

Library Team

Aryan Sapra, an economics student at the University of Delhi, is an active climate activist since age 16, engaging in protests, rallies and working with organizations like Youth For Climate India. He serves as Prayan Foundation's Project Director for environmental initiatives and is involved in social welfare work as well.

A passionate public speaker and debater, Aryan has moderated and chaired debates, Model UNs, and Youth Parliaments across India. He was the youth delegate at the World Sustainable Development Summit, delivering the youth declaration, and has participated in numerous similar conferences. Aryan enjoys discussing politics, economics, social issues, art, movies, and more

any pronouns


Library & Development Team

Lakshay is a social justice campaigner based out of Delhi and has been working at the intersection of restorative justice, youth and community organizing. He's passionate about politics and climate change but contributes to anything and everything he believes is right. Currently he is working in Climate Justice Library coordination team and fundraising team at Youth for Climate India.

He believes his biggest achievement is his friends, the relations he has built. He wants n number of dogs and cats and loves to travel.


Srijani Datta

Development Team

Srijani Datta is an undergraduate Sociology student at Hindu College, Delhi University. She leads the development team at Youth For Climate India and has been involved in the climate movement since her school days. She frequently writes on the intersections of politics, social movements, environment and gender.

She is keen on learning about various social and participatory research methods. Srijani also loves baking and travelling, so if there are any opportunities for cheap travel, you know whom to ping.

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