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Webinars & Panels


Panel Discussion: Green Recovery Weekend

The panel brought in experts and activists to understand how we can replace the current exploitative system with a more socially just and green system post Covid-19.

Panel Discussion: Why Climate Change is an LGBTQIA+ Issue

Panel Discussion: The Past and Future of India's Vaccination Drive


YFC Resource Bank

Welcome! This collection of organizing training, manuals, worksheets, and more is a labor of love put together by Youth For Climate India members and allies. 


We recognize that young organizers, low-income communities, and those most directly impacted by the climate crisis need a baseline of theory and skills as a foundation for our justice movements. While capitalism perpetually suggests that competition is key, we know that to thrive, we must collaborate, pool our resources, and decentralize access to learning. So save your limited time and energy by uplifting the great work of your fellow leaders and utilizing their wonderful resources.

Want to share a tool you created with others, or know of a great resource that belongs in this bank? This is a living, evolving project, and we invite you to help us co-create it. To submit a resource to the bank,  email us at with a subject “YFC Resource Bank”



YFC Podcast (Ep1): National Pedestrian Day

In this podcast, we've interviewed Ms Sanskriti Menon, who is Senior Programme Director at Centre for Environment Education and tried to understand how we can make Indian cities and towns walkable and safe for all.

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