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Announcing Young Changemakers Bootcamp

6-day residential training program in Uttarakhand for those who dare to change the world

Join people from across India over the course of six days to explore & practice the concept of social power and how it can drive truly transformational change.


Understanding the social campaigns and movement

  • Learn more about what people power looks like in social campaigns and movements

  • Differentiate between an advocacy, awareness-raising and organizing campaign.

  • What is an organizing campaign?

Leadership and practices

  • Learn about efficient, sustainable leadership structures and roles

  • Learn coaching as a tool to enable leadership

Narrative for change

  • Learn the basics of how public narrative works: values, emotion and story structure.

  • Learn why public narrative is an essential leadership skill

  • Learn the craft of developing public narrative to motivate others to join you.

Building team

  • Learn how to structure your leadership team in an efficient,co-dependent way.

  • Learn how to identify, recruit and develop leadership in your teams

  • Learn how to divide roles and responsibilities within the team

Building the community

  • Learn how to form relations with the communities you are working with

  • Learn how to build public relationships

  • Learn how to scale through relational networks

Building Strategy

  • Learn how strategizing works

  • Learn how to turn all kinds of resources into power

  • Learn how to set achievable, measurable goals and create campaign journey plan

Converting plan into action

  • Learn why action is about mobilizing and deploying resources.

  • Learn how to design actions that generate motivation for more action.

Monitoring and evaluation

  • Learn how to track your progress

  • Learn how to set key point indicators in your project/campaign.

Use of digital tools and mediums in campaigning

  • Learn about digital tools which can aid campaigns, actions, and team-work

  • Creative digital actions or campaigns for your campaigns

Learn the Funding model to sustain

  • Learn how to sustain your initiative financially

  • Know about different models of fundraising


  • Anyone concerned about the state of the world and wants to do something about it.

  • Anyone who acknowledges the need to build power in the communities they work for or with.

  • Any young person wants to harness the collective power of their community to advocate for positive social change.


The residential program is scheduled from April 14-19 and will take place in "Platform 1" which is a community space near Rishikesh, Uttrakhand.

Platform 1 is a co-living, co-working space situated on the banks of the Song River. rupeesHaving over 75000 Sq. yards of space to get lost into Nature also blessed us with over 40 different species of birds who love to sing morning medleys. The place has unlimited peace, you should just know how to absorb it.

Address- Platform 1, Chidderwala, near Song River, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India, 249204


We recognize that our privileges and economic situations may vary and whilst we want to value our practice and our work as trainers, we are also very keen to invite diverse people and make sure this training is accessible.

For this reason, we invite you to consider your privileges or needs and consciously choose one of the following options.

>> Without Scholarship (10,000 rupees)

>> With Scholarship (6000 rupees)

The above-mentioned amount also includes all the food (breakfast, lunch & dinner) and accommodation costs for 6 days. The accommodation type is dorm beds or sharing camps.


The registration and payment process is as follows:

  1. Please film INTEREST FORM

  2. ​Following your registration, you will receive a confirmation email or call from one of our team members with details on payment and further process.


Srijani Datta (Trainer)

Srijani Datta is a core team member at Youth For Climate India where she leads the training team. She has been involved in the climate movement since her school days.

She frequently writes on the intersections of politics, social movements, environment, and gender.

Alok Ranjan (Trainer)

Alok is a certified community organizer, he has been working in the social development sector past 4 years working with Haiyya Foundation as a senior campaigner there he was leading Jal se Jalashay campaign.

In the past, he worked on issues like gender, SRHR, environment, and climate change. He has done a community organizing course from Harvard Kennedy School.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Who is this bootcamp for?

This bootcamp is for anybody who wants to learn more about harnessing people power through campaigns,social movements,or NGOs. Any young person between the age of 16-35 working with any community or on any social issue is encouraged to apply.

Q) Is this bootcamp only for those working in the domain of climate change?

No, this is for anybody working on any social issues ranging from rights of women, queer people, people with disabilities, dalit and Adivasi rights or on issue-based campaigns such as access to Sexual and reproductive health and rights, waste management, water conservation, forest rights, labor rights, education, healthcare etc. Basically, anybody who is working towards building the power of communities, or working towards a socially desirable goal.

Q) Which language will the sessions be conducted in?

The sessions will be bi-lingual, including English and Hindi.

Q) When is the last date for filling the form?

4th April 11:59 PM IST

Q) What are the ways to reach the bootcamp location ?

  • Nearest Airport- Jolly Grant, Dehradun >> Taxi to Chidderwala (20 KM)

  • Nearest Railway Station-Raiwala (regular shared autos to Chidderwala) or Haridwar (regularly shared autos and buses to Dehradun >> Chidderwala)

  • Nearest Bus Stand- Nepali Farm (shared auto to Chidderwala) or Haridwar bus stand (regular shared autos and buses to Dehradun >> Chidderwala)

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