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This is How We Celebrated Our 3rd Birthday!

On February 14th 2023, we have completed three years of building people power and fighting climate injustice- and to celebrate #ThreeYearsofYFC we have brought our community and team members together in Delhi.

In this blog, you can read about what all we did..!

You can read key highlights for the day in the paragraph below

Initial Days of YFC

Our team member Vijay Sehrawat shared how YFC started off as a small group of college kids (like most big SMOs started out)- and he said "i never imagined that in a matter of three years we would be able to achieve all that we have been able to and influence and connect with as many young people as we have had the privilege of associating with."

He also shared YFC's approach to campaigning and movement building.

Launched Three Years Report

We have launched a report which highlights some key campaigns and work that we have done in the past three years to make climate justice a priority for people and politics. The report also discusses our approach and principles to building a youth-led movement. We have also tried to cover a couple of learning on full volunteer-run staff, members' safety, and well-being, inclusion, and diversity. You can read the full report here and if there are any suggestions/feedback, we would love to hear it.

During report launch our team members Srijani Datta, said "Three years of completion of a youth-led climate action group is more significant than one might think. It subverts many of the current structures which are in place, not just the ones which discriminate on the basis of age, but also which discriminate against Social Movement actors and organisations."

Leadership Stories

Our team member Yashna Dhuria have shared what has been her journey in YFC. She said "During 12th standard exams, i saw lot of news about forest fires which fuelled my climate anxiety after which i tried have conversation with my school teachers who have asked me to focus on exams instead of validating my emotions. Few days later, i got to know about YFC's event through one friend, i attended the event and later joined team. After that, I learned about social movements and grew in every sphere of life more than I could ever learn from any prestigious college or elsewhere."

Open Mic and Games

Our community members have lot of fun playing musical chairs, listening to open mic performances.

Launched Community Fundraising Platform

We've launched community fundraising platform for people who want to support us financially so our team can keep doing the amazing work they're doing for past three years. You can make one time donation or opt for monthly subscription at


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