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The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace- Wells

In a grim look at the climate crisis, author David Wallace-Wells illustrates how rising sea levels only scratch the surface of the world’s climate troubles. In addition, there will be food shortages, constant wildfires, refugee crises, and flooding. If immediate action is not taken, the author warns that some areas of the planet may become uninhabitable. It will alter not only our politics, culture, and relationship with technology but also how we perceive the past.


Drilled- Listen here!

Amy Westervelt, an award-winning investigative journalist, came up with a fascinating way to examine the climate crisis – by treating the subject as you would a true crime story. The topics are heavily North American-focused, but the issues are global in nature and alarming. Recent episodes have focused on how fossil fuel companies are backing anti-protest bills and how ‘Big Oil’ is shifting the responsibility for climate change onto the individual.

The idea of approaching the climate crisis through the lens of true crime is bold but totally worth it.


Don’t Look Up (2021)

Don’t Look Up, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, is the first film on our list of the top climate change films. The record-breaking Netflix film tells the story of a science professor and his student discovering a fast-approaching comet that is set to reach the Earth and will likely destroy it. Together, they must persuade both the government and the public of the existential threat and the potentially catastrophic effects it could have on humanity. However, when no one takes them seriously, the task becomes more challenging than they’d anticipated. The team struggles to break through the craziness of social networks, political inaction, and lack of media attention.

The comet approaching the planet is an ambivalent metaphor for climate change and its disastrous effects. Having said that, the blatant ignorance of the government only makes us wonder what our future might look like.



Lilly Platt is an international environmental champion. At 13, Lilly has achieved more than the average adult and has established herself as one of the world’s largest environmentalists. Through her content, she provides highly valuable suggestions for minimizing plastic waste in everyday routines. Additionally, she updates us about her participation in international discussions and sustainability gatherings.

Age holds no limitations, and what better testament than Lily?

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