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Presenting Our Impact Report As We Completed Three Years

Below is a letter from our core team, you can read that first or continue reading the report here

Dear Reader,

Three years of completion of a youth-led climate action group is more significant than one might think. It subverts many of the current structures which are in place, not just the ones which discriminate on the basis of age, but also which discriminate against Social Movement actors and organisations.

Three years without any funding support for even our core team means that we have sustained and grown even in a pandemic based sheerly on the team’s motivation, urge to change the status quo and concern about socio-environmental issues. The stories of all those who have come together to make these glorious three years happen are marked by a sense of injustice; injustice towards our communities and the environment that we are embedded in; along with a sense of hope for a better future, which is in itself derived from the warm community that we have built over the last three years.

When we have to show our accounts for legal and administrative purposes, we do not know how to account for the numerous times people have come forward to offer their resources- not just their money and time, their offices, their books, their networks and platforms. We are grateful for this support and faith you put in us.

We started off as a small group of college kids(like most big SMOs started out) and we never imagined that in a matter of three years we would be able to achieve all that we have been able to and influence and connect with as many young people as we have had the privilege of associating with.

We have our very own climate justice library, of the youth, by the youth and for the youth. We have a dynamic clean-air based campaign which is looking to expand all over India! We are also launching our newsletter, and translaor’s network in the coming months. All in all, it’s cause for celebration all around. This also means that we will require your support more than ever before. The next three years will be fundamental to the trajectory of Youth For Climate India as we hope to absorb some wonderful young people from the climate movement into full-time, paid roles, undertake more grassroots organising and diversify on the basis of socio-political factors.

Thanks for taking out time to read this letter.


Core Team

Srijani, Yashna, Gauri, Aakansha and Vijay

Now, you can enjoy reading our report using link below.

Download PDF • 1.46MB

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