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Open Mic Fundraising Event

On June 18, we hosted a virtual open mic through which we raised 22,000 rupees. To keep the event accessible, we kept the participation amount 50 rupees but on average everyone donated 550 rupees.

This money will be used to buy books, bookshelves and other things required in order to set-up a library in Ambikapur Chhattisgarh. We’re planning to inaugurate Chhattisgarh library in October sometime, we will keep you updated on progress. The Chattisgarh library will be later run and managed by Savita Rath, who’s a social activist and runs a community organization name "Bhumi Bandhu Samajik Addhyan Parshikshan Anv Sodh Sansthan" The community organization works on spreading awareness on climate-related issues, women's leadership, strengthening gram sabha, indigenous seeds, and biodiversity preservation.

Last year, we opened a Climate Justice Library in Delhi (which is the first climate justice library in India) with an aim to make climate literature and literacy accessible to our community members and general public.

We believe improving people’s access to such resources greatly improves their involvement in and understanding of environmental issues. The library in Delhi has around 800 books on topics such as air pollution, water pollution, politics of environmental conservation, ecology, energy, and many others.

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