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The Personal is Political and so is Climate Change

Highlights from a blog entry written for Reach not Preach.

Our group, Youth For Climate India was formed as a product of the realization that there were certain gaps in the climate movement in India which needed to be addressed systematically and urgently to be able to absorb this willingness. First, the language barriers had to be removed especially because forest laws, and detrimental developmental projects tend to affect those who usually speak only a local language.

Further climate literacy which was localized, helped form a bond with nature, intersectional and not too fixated on individual solutions had to be facilitated.

Many of us also felt that there was this overwhelming dependence on digital tools as a means of protest among youth groups.

making sure that their concerns are not just raised for a single issue but also the systemic issue of governmental policy and judicial rulings letting polluters go scot-free.

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